Student Affairs Department

Students Union Government


The University recognizes the need for students to organize themselves into a central association for many reasons including:

  • It simply runs on the line of democratic principles to allow students have a voice in a community to which they belong.
  • It eases up the process of aggregating the necessary inputs from students on matters that affect them rather than have a situation where every student speaks for himself/herself.
  • It provides a framework for students who appreciate the underpinnings of students requests to guide the administration as partners in progress.
  • It brings the students to serious position where they become partners with the institution’s administration in problem solving instead of remaining, all the time, on the side of merely identifying the problems.
  • It makes the students take on the responsibility of acting as checks on the activities of their colleagues.

This central association is usually referred to as the Students Union Government (SUG).

In the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, there are two arms of the SUG, The Executive and the Legislative arms. The Executive arm is undoubtedly the spokes organ for the students, with the Legislative being more concerned with general and internal oversight functions for the executive arm.