Hostel Regulations


Apart from the above, there are many issues involved in managing a collection of young, and in some cases undiscerning and exuberant people. Youngsters generally begin their lives with people whom they share consanguine ties.

Consequently, living in the institution hostel may be for many the first time they are living outside the confines of their family homes and with those they share no consanguine ties.

Ensuring that students live not only tolerantly and harmoniously, but equally with a convivial mindset is a great task and the first step towards achieving this is by having a code of conduct on how to conduct once affairs within the hostel, referred to as the Hostel Regulation. This is the main responsibility of the Student Affairs department and Student Affairs staff working in the hostels as Chief Hall Supervisors, Porters, etc.

In the University of Nigeria, the highest ranking staff of the department in each hostel is called the Hall Supervisor. This person is in charge of the day to day running and routine management of the hostel. He or she is assisted by other staff who may also be Hall Supervisors, but are usually of lower ranks, then trailed by the Porters, Cleaners and Messengers.

In addition to these staff, there is a hall government in each hall made of student officials, the head of which is called the Hall Governor, with his/her team who assist greatly in organizing students and in the regular enforcement of hall regulations.