Hostel Services and Management


Once the student checks into the accommodation provided for them, the next most important thing is to ensure that the student gets basic services such as water, electricity, clean environment etc.

For quite a long time, the environment in which our students were living was in a deplorable state. Although it may not be said that we have already reached our destination with respect to the environment which our students now live, it is clear that there has been tremendous improvement in the students halls of residence and the general environment of our students. In particular, this administration has done the following in its effort to continuously improve the classroom, hostel and sports facilities available to our students:

  • Upgrading the roof of over 15 halls of residence for the first time in 30 years
  • Reconstructions of toilet facilities in students hostels
  • Provision of water inside the hostels as opposed to outside surface tanks
  • Replacement of windows and windows nettings
  • Landscaping of both student academic and residential areas.
  • State of the art sports facilities including a sports Stadium with Tartan tracks, an Olympic-size swimming pool, squash courts and hall, hockey and cricket pitches etc.

With these facilities and many other improvements in the University including a standard library and ICT facility the academic relationship between the students and the administration is quite cordial.